Sunday, March 13, 2011

Etsy Friday--Kate Middleton Style

I felt like today needed a British inspired theme (if you really want to know why go to my blog post here). I find myself quiet frequently (maybe daily) googling "Kate Middleton" to see what she's wearing. It somehow seemed fitting to an Etsy take on some of Kate Middleton's classics. Because let's face it, I think Kate Middleton has great style sense and I find it so refreshing that she isn't afraid of being herself.

Clockwise from upper left-hand corner

The famous blue engagement Dress: Purple wrap dress from from Lirola
Engagement ring: blue pear necklace from designs2c
Pink halter dress: Romantic shirt from Lirola
Wedding staple the Fascinator: fascinator from PowderBlueBijoux
Engagement ring: pearl earrings from mothermoongems
Cream engagement portrait dress: lace top dress by Dressholic
Informal engagement photo: cream dress by bayousalvage
Formal coats: vintage inspired cream coat by yystudio
Engagement ring: blue earrings from happymaxdesigns

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