Sunday, March 13, 2011

Etsy Friday--Kate Middleton Style

I felt like today needed a British inspired theme (if you really want to know why go to my blog post here). I find myself quiet frequently (maybe daily) googling "Kate Middleton" to see what she's wearing. It somehow seemed fitting to an Etsy take on some of Kate Middleton's classics. Because let's face it, I think Kate Middleton has great style sense and I find it so refreshing that she isn't afraid of being herself.

Clockwise from upper left-hand corner

The famous blue engagement Dress: Purple wrap dress from from Lirola
Engagement ring: blue pear necklace from designs2c
Pink halter dress: Romantic shirt from Lirola
Wedding staple the Fascinator: fascinator from PowderBlueBijoux
Engagement ring: pearl earrings from mothermoongems
Cream engagement portrait dress: lace top dress by Dressholic
Informal engagement photo: cream dress by bayousalvage
Formal coats: vintage inspired cream coat by yystudio
Engagement ring: blue earrings from happymaxdesigns

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yellow + White=pure happiness

I love yellow. I love white. I love this room.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm constantly coming across great design blogs--blogs that provide inspiration and make me wish I could design beautiful and fun things full time.

Style Me Pretty
is a fabulous wedding blog. It includes DIY projects as well as wonderful real-life weddings. I've just taken a short look through the website and everything I've come across is beautiful!

I pulled these photos from stylemepretty and were taken by Michael Smith of Ash Photography.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Vintage Style

Love, love, love this beautiful dress. The vintage detailing is stunning. After so many dresses that leave nothing to the imagination it's wonderful to see a dress that can be beautiful and tasteful.

Image from DailyMail

Friday, May 7, 2010

I've been working on this adorable little stuffed animal for almost-to-be-born nephew and so it's been kind of fitting that this week's search term was stuffed animals.

I've always loved Steiff bears and this little bear from Yarnigans is so reminiscent of those adorable little bears.

My little sister loves Elephants (don't ask me why) and this elephant from would look so adorable on her bed.

I don't know exactly what this stuffed animals by derriccaptenia exactly is, but maybe that's why I was drawn to it.

I love these Martryoshkas dolls from Ravenhill. The colors and details are exquisite and I can't decide which one is my favorite.

Isn't this circus dolls from contemori something else? He just makes me happy and I love the Italian influences.

I can picture this elephant from Allaysannekidsstuff in a baby's room. It just seems so cuddly and I can see a baby sleeping next to this.

I've always loved Koala Bears and this one from loopiforyou is no exception.

Love the combinations of fabrics and colors on this kitten from rabbitrabbitsofties.

I love how everybody interrupts everything so differently. This elephant from rabbitsmoon is so different and I love that.

Who doesn't love a bright and stuffed owl from My Tiny Star?

Love the red fur/pajamas of this sweet little monkey from rabbitrabbitsofties. He looks so cuddly.

My little sister growing up had this miniature ceramics little mouse and seeing this mouse from miadesign brings back a slew of wonderful childhood memories.

With his big eyes, this wonderful owl from Snazziedrawers makes me want to spill all my dreams and secrets.

You can't do a stuffed animal serach and not include at least one sock puppet monkey. With great detail and a snazzy attitude this one from verycarey becomes a must have sock puppet monkey.

If I had this little mouse from Manicmuffins I would constantly be placing it in new places so that it would surprise people and make them happy.

Another great little sock monkey from thewillowtree. I love his stripes and his bright colors.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Etsy Friday

Every year I look forward to that first sign of spring--those cheery daffodils and tulips pushing their way out of snow and frozen ground. While I've always loved them, I didn't truly appreciate their beauty and hope of spring until a long, cold, dark English winter. When the fields finally bloomed I was lost in their beauty. So in honor of the daffodils that are finally blooming in Utah, today's Etsy search was daffodils.

Growing up we read from these charming picture books that had illustrations of fairies. Stumbling across this little acorn fairy by mountainhearth took me back to those countless hours spent reading those books. Plus, doesn't he just scream spring? Somehow spring and fairies just seem right together.

I love the simplicity and bold color of this wedding announcement by midavale.

I know owls in real life aren't that cute, but somehow they are made charming when rendered in felt, material, or watercolor. The work on this broach by joeysdreamgarden is stunning.

If I had lived in the 1950' or 60's I imagine I would have had a pin just like this one by satsumabug. It would have completed the look of my pillbox hat and white gloves.

This necklace by aj1801aj is great because it combines so many different materials effortlessly.

I love how button bracelet by diditta is called sunshine lemonade and I don't know what I like more, the great bracelet or the wonderful blue background in the picture.

I can't do a daffodil search and not included at least one picture of them. This wonderful print by Cindimh2 highlights their beauty so wonderfully.

I love clunky jewerly and think this daffodil and crocus bracelet by Kimmsmith is fabulous. Who doesn't want to wear spring on their sleeve?

I really do need more pins in my life. This modern take on a daffodils by daffodidoll is refreshing just like spring.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Etsy Friday

Rain been on the brain. Maybe it's because I woke up to rain this morning. (I don't know if there is a sweet sound to wake you up in the morning than this.) Or maybe it's because my roommates and I have been dancing around our apartment in wellies and raincoats holding umbrellas as we practice our number for an upcoming talent show.

I love this whimsical illustration from SarahJaneStudios. I've featured her work on a this site before, but they are so great I just can't help featuring another one of her works.

I know these boots from sewingwithme are made for babies, but I want a pair for me.

Nothing says springs like birds in wellies. These cute little notecards and pads are from psitsinthedetails.

This saying is one of my favorites. I love to enjoy the rain before the storms pass. The soft colors make this poster from erinjaneshop make me long for spring and continual rain showers.

I love umbrella's--maybe it's the anglophile in me, but I always find them so cheerful and something about umbrellas makes me want to dance. Somehow these notecards from winifredstudios evokes the same response.

This picture is just charming. I love how she's taken an old book page and then added the great red umbrella and the girl. The integration of type and illustration completes the work. Poster from carmbatckdesign.

Who doesn't need a reminder to be grateful, especially when your life feels like one big rainstorm? Too bad I can't find the shop again. :)

My mother introduced me to hand embroidered linens when I was younger and I've been in love with them ever since. I love this little boy/girl? and picture it on a bright pillow. Embroidered square from Mabelblue.

I wish I looked this stylish while waiting for the bus--one day. If I can't be this stylish at least I could look at this adorable watercolor from bumblejack.

This little mouse is probably my favorite thing I found. I LOVE him, especially her little leaf umbrella. Mouse from Mykobocek.

A search for rain wouldn't be complete with out at least one rainy London picture as every I time it rains it makes me think of England. This journal from artshackdesign would be the perfect place to capture my rain thoughts.

I want an umbrella just like the one this little cat is holding. Isn't it splendid? Collage from yellowcakecrafts.

This bird from raccooncatcreations is the type of friend you would want to play with during a rainstorm-he's bright, happy and just screams get me wet.